8 Wedding Traditions Millennials Are Dropping

Interesting listing compiled by Ian Zelaya at BizBash.  Some of these points like the bouquet are garter toss have been nearly extinct among CNY brides for a few years now –  however the others are gaining in popularity with our couples as well.  Give it a look… https://www.bizbash.com/8-wedding-traditions-millennials-are-dropping/los-angeles/story/34662?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWmpGa01tRTJaR0pqWXpNdyIsInQiOiJkQ2tGRFZuWmdIUHdvN0JuTWRPQzZDcm1vclVRQ1U1S2lod1hJcXZlVFpJdTZkcHE2MlRqclRRelA3aXd0d3FubHRqYklWb0RQckNIS3VIbHU4XC9uYnlyWGZveGZMWjdvYktHcExKdWdYRVYwdmh0aEhJMzYrQXc5VHJyNGlXNTMifQ%3D%3D#.WeanL2hSxPY

2017 Top 10 First Dance Songs… so far

Click the link below to go to TheKnot.com’s “Pro Feed” of wedding news and goings-on.  Is your first dance one of these songs?



Average Age of Brides and Grooms On The Rise…

Here is a link to an interesting listing compiled by TheKnot.com laying out the average ages in 2017 of brides and grooms https://b2b.xogroupinc.com/2017/03/16/average-age-of-a-bride-and-groom-is-on-the-rise/?utm_campaign=Newsletter&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=46211422&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–q2WGZwe690rJg1VYNBvlLECQi3QBqGH1sipvc2xY1WEji2m6wJKPRHjjNLVECrN6418KBIRvl_uJmuio-Yx-_JgsJXQ&_hsmi=46211422

Brides: Age 29

Grooms: Age 31

BTE Guest Tip #2

BTE Guest Tip #2 – Don’t bother the bride & groom while they’re eating

At some weddings we see this just a few times during dinner, other times there’s an endless stream of people approaching the bride & groom’s sweetheart/head table throughout the meal.  Most brides & grooms will stop eating/not eat while you’re chatting with them which at a minimum allows their wedding meal to get cold and for the two of them to stay hungry.   Of course you’re excited to see them and maybe didn’t have a chance to speak with them during cocktail hour but when compounded by multiple “offenders” this constant visitation leads to a peculiar scenario – all of the guests are done with their meals (and ready to dance) and the B&G have barely started.  What comes next… a delay as you can’t start a dance party when the guests of honor are just starting to eat their meal.   Most guests greatly dislike a prolonged period of being done with their meal and the dance party not shifting into high gear.  Don’t be the cause of this :)))

There will be plenty of time to chat with the bride & groom … on the dance floor after dinner.

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Attention guests…

After working 3000+ weddings since 1990, we’ve noticed more than a  few things that can help or hinder an event – we’ll try to make this an ongoing series of posts.

BTE Guest Tip #1 – Don’t leave with just a few minutes left in the party.

You’ve dedicated the day to celebrate with this couple.  You have probably shopped for a great outfit to wear, invested time and money to travel to the venue and now with just a few songs left you pull the bride & groom off the dance floor to say “goodbye”.   Maybe you are not a dancer, maybe you’re tired, have a long drive home, or have had too much.  However, what you’re probably not realizing is that this prohibits the bride & groom from fully enjoying the final minutes of their once in a lifetime event.  As their party ends on a high note with all their friends on the dance floor, they’re missing it because you needed to leave at 10:52pm instead of 11:01pm.  If you’ve stayed until the final few minutes, stay ’til the end.

Winner – Best Wedding DJ, Syracuse New Times Readers Poll

We send our sincere thanks to all of the readers, former clients, banquet staff, and wedding attendees who voted us best Syracuse area wedding DJs, Syracuse New Times Readers Poll 2016. 

Best Syracuse area wedding DJ

Best Syracuse area wedding DJ – Black Tie Entertainment



Black Tie Entertainment, 2016 Syracuse New Times Winner: Best Wedding DJ

Photo by Sarah Collier, BTE at Owera Vineyards

We’ve made The Hall of Fame!

Pick something you love to do and you’ll …

You know the adage and we are so thankful that we are involved in an industry we love.  The leading online wedding portal  – TheKnot.com has inducted us into their Best of Weddings Hall of Fame for Syracuse DJs and we are so very grateful!



What’s Hot For 2016

Great listing of 2016 wedding trends from Kim Forrest at WeddingWire

What’s Hot For 2016

2016 Bridal Shows

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