Attention guests…

After working 3000+ weddings since 1990, we’ve noticed more than a  few things that can help or hinder an event – we’ll try to make this an ongoing series of posts.

BTE Guest Tip #1 – Don’t leave with just a few minutes left in the party.

You’ve dedicated the day to celebrate with this couple.  You have probably shopped for a great outfit to wear, invested time and money to travel to the venue and now with just a few songs left you pull the bride & groom off the dance floor to say “goodbye”.   Maybe you are not a dancer, maybe you’re tired, have a long drive home, or have had too much.  However, what you’re probably not realizing is that this prohibits the bride & groom from fully enjoying the final minutes of their once in a lifetime event.  As their party ends on a high note with all their friends on the dance floor, they’re missing it because you needed to leave at 10:52pm instead of 11:01pm.  If you’ve stayed until the final few minutes, stay ’til the end.