BTE Guest Tip #2

BTE Guest Tip #2 – Don’t bother the bride & groom while they’re eating

At some weddings we see this just a few times during dinner, other times there’s an endless stream of people approaching the bride & groom’s sweetheart/head table throughout the meal.  Most brides & grooms will stop eating/not eat while you’re chatting with them which at a minimum allows their wedding meal to get cold and for the two of them to stay hungry.   Of course you’re excited to see them and maybe didn’t have a chance to speak with them during cocktail hour but when compounded by multiple “offenders” this constant visitation leads to a peculiar scenario – all of the guests are done with their meals (and ready to dance) and the B&G have barely started.  What comes next… a delay as you can’t start a dance party when the guests of honor are just starting to eat their meal.   Most guests greatly dislike a prolonged period of being done with their meal and the dance party not shifting into high gear.  Don’t be the cause of this :)))

There will be plenty of time to chat with the bride & groom … on the dance floor after dinner.