Music Requests – Pt. 1

Seasoned DJs know the importance of developing a music profile on their clients – to learn the client’s favorite songs & genres as well as those that get under their skin.  However, not every “favorite” song that a client has should be listed on a “must play” request list.   Every good song you hear in your car or in a restaurant, along with every favorite song that you had in college won’t automatically “work” for the diverse group of people gathered for your wedding reception.  But these are “MY” favorites and it’s “MY” wedding.  Well, while being good/great songs in their own right – will they fit during any of the 3 main stages of the event: cocktails, dinner, or dancing.  And will I definitely dance to this song (as the bride or groom)?   You don’t have to pick cliche songs by any means, but are these the absolute BEST choices?  Hard to know for certain until the event is underway as this group of people (in this exact configuration) has NEVER been together before in one room.   The “read” and “vibe” of this group will change frequently.

Taken as a whole is your request list too narrow?   Are you open to material that will get your parents generation dancing?  Is there too much of one genre on the list and none of popular others?  Are you a party music expert?  Any experienced DJ will tell you that too often request lists are overly filled with songs that when played Do Not pack the dance floor with guests.  Furthermore, most brides and grooms Do Not dance to the very requests that they compiled.  This makes for a very mediocre party.  Don’t feel that you have to give your DJ 30, 40, 50 or more songs.  Pick your ALL TIME FAVORITES that you will definitely dance to and trust the DJ with your overall “vision”.   Find a DJ whose knowledge base is so wide that you know you are going to be impressed.  Respect and make use of what they’ve seen at events and in the end hire someone who you feel you can trust to make good judgement calls throughout the night.

In the end however, if you feel that you must pick out EVERY SONG for the entire event… we rent a DIY system for $249.