Specialty Lighting

Our uplighting and other specialty lighting options are an economical way to completely transform your venue.

  • $350-$700/Room rate


    Our wide dispersion, zero-heat emitting, 150 watt LED fixtures can wash the walls, corners, ceiling, and outside facade of your venue with your choice of color(s). Our uplighting fixtures are RGBAW units (red, green, blue, amber, white, UV) which give us the capability to produce thousands of colors. We have hundreds of fixtures available – even battery powered units for those hard to reach areas while most other companies use 15-30 watt RGB fixtures which limit color blending to just red, green, and blue. This means no shades of amber, candlelight, white, true purples, etc. Most banquet rooms require 16-24 lights to cover thoroughly.

    Want less than all 4 walls covered?  Call for a custom quote.

    Remote color changing available – have one color for cocktail hour, another for dinner, change throughout the dance party, etc.  Over 100,000 colors available!

  • $250

    Name/Monogram/Logo Projection

    Custom design of yours or ours shot onto dance floor, wall, or ceiling. Filters available to give your dance floor a textured or mosaic look as well.  Project your engagement photo, company logo, themed image, star effect, breakup pattern, etc.

  • $25/Light

    Under Table Lighting

    Uplighting units placed under your sweet heart/head/cake table allows color of your choice to be seen through the table linen.

  • $40/Light

    Pin Spotting

    A narrow, focused beam of light to highlight your cake, center piece(s), or any other investment that will get the attention it deserves in a dimly lit room.

  • $40/$150 *

    Spot Lighting

    Draws attention to what people want to see – your introductions, first dance, etc. Allows details in bride’s dress to be appreciated in a softly lit room.

    * 40/Stationary Spot $150/Manned Follow Spot